Tonight’s artist went to The High School of Music and Art as a teen.  He loved art was his first love but didn’t like the art teachers authority, telling him what they though his potential was or when thing had to be done by so he went back to his other dream of being a rock star. Can you guess the artist who has trouble with authority and an artistic streak?? It's Not Ronnie Wood or John Mellencamp, although that would fit this is a new one.

This was an interesting insight given while out away from his regular band on a solo tour from artist and musician Paul Stanley of KISS. The high school he went to was the sister school to the one featured in the movie and TV show FAME. In Paul’s own words, he loves to express himself creatively in art, music and theatre.  That said, he doesn’t want to have to please anyone but himself. He says this works well for him because all on his own he set’s his bar pretty high.

Here is Paul back with KISS and tonight's featured song.


Here is the interview, it really is a good look into who he is as a person.

Here is a rundown of his art work.

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