I left behind my home office this morning. It was odd....

I remember it very well. March 16th was my first day working from home. The previous Friday, we had started working out the bugs of trying to run a brand-spanking new morning show from 2 houses that were 10 miles apart, over to a computer in Brewer, that would talk to another computer, to bring you the Wicked Awesome Morning Show.

By and large, it's been a pretty successful venture. Cori and I haven't  been able to see each other at all, so we've spent most of our time interrupting each other, and yelling over each other... all while having a blast doing it. It's a helluva way to start, for sure. But today, thanks to a host of technical bull crap, I decided I had to go to work.

I was already planning on being back in the studio this coming Monday, so I was already headed that way in my mind. My office where I write articles these days, looks like this. It also doubles as our mask making station.

J Stew
J Stew

But at first, walking into the real office, it was a bit spooky. It was quiet, and I felt like I was almost sneaking in. Like I was part of Scooby's gang, looking for villains and saying 'jinkies' a lot.

But then I got all the way upstairs, and saw people. And honestly, for a minute, it was a little overwhelming. In a really great way. I've only seen my mom like a few times in the last ten weeks, and other than that, it's just me and my wife. It was so surreal looking at different people, and just doing normal, everyday work things.

I went into my office. I filled my water bottle in the kitchen. I chatted with a couple people from an appropriate distance.... For a few hours today, none of what's happened the last several weeks existed. It was just business as usual. And good god, it was amazing for my soul. Was it terrifying? Yup. Was it worth it? Today, it was. Every bit.

So, for me, it's back to business. Cori will still be in here studio for now, but I'm psyched to be back in a real radio studio making rock happen. Heck, I even played a request today! (you're welcome, Dragon)

I know there's a long way to go for lots of other people, and it's not lost on me how lucky I am. But today, I got my first taste of 'normal' in a loooong time. I'd definitely like more of that, please.

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