Today we wanted to know from our listeners... If you could be any movie character, who would you be?

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JStew: This is tough for me. I've never really identified with the hero in most movies, but I have no real desire to be the villain. Like, I'd love to be Johnny from Karate Kid/Cobra Kai. In the movie he was presented as kind of a jerk, and acted such, but think about it... He's actually the underdog in a way. Imagine if your life was going just great and some dude came along and just stole your whole world? I relate to Johnny way more than Daniel. Especially in the Cobra Kai show. So I don't know.... I guess I pick Johnny, and all the other "villains" who were simply provoked and misunderstood. Hahahaha...

Cori: Hands down, one of my favorite badass movie mamas is Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies. She was fiercely protective of her kid and would do anything to protect him. Her arms in T2, I mean, come on! Those were some impressive guns! And speaking of guns, when she throws open that underground bunker or weapons and walks in there knowing how to use each and every one of's one of my favorite scenes in cinema. She has the skill, the knowledge and the strength to protect her family is really what it comes down to. That and she knows how to kill robots. That's pretty cool, too.

Your answers were wicked fun as usual, so let's take a look at those now...

Julia Crowley Wonder Woman, of course!! Boy my husband would be in trouble with that lasso of truth, then I could kick his ass!!
Greg Miller Wyatt Earp in tombstone. I would have said Doc Holliday but he had tuberculosis
Wendy Clewley I would be Emilia Clark from Game of thrones. Funny thing is years ago I was at a checkout at Target & the cashier asked me If I watch game of thrones, My reply was no. So she's like you look just like Emilia, So I've always remembered that hehe.
Nancy Neu Benny John Depp movie Benny and Joon
Hunter Tracy Times being what they are, Cheech...or Chong.
Kari Jo Davis I want to be scarlett Johansson, superhero
James Naaykens Jr Spawn
Steve I'd be Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible. I mean he drives all the cars, he's not afraid of anything, and when he gets his toys going, he can make a mask and become anybody. I mean, he does get is ass beat up occasionally but they haven't killed him off yet.
Cheryl McManus Lara Croft. She can kick some major ass, gets to play with guns and go to exotic places.
Michael from West Enfield DJ Fred or Jason Bourne or Jason Statham from Transporter!
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