Lawrence Gowan is the coolest...

In our line of work, every now and then, you get to talk to someone famous. Sometimes it's a famous TV or movie star, or maybe even a popular sports figure. But the other day, Cori and I got to have a super awesome chat with Lawrence Gowan of the band Styx, who will be in Bangor this coming weekend.

Right out of the gate, Lawrence seemed very much at ease, which made the whole thing get off on the right foot. We asked him some fun questions, and some more serious questions. And then even one about his pre-show rituals with pink flamingoes. Let's check out some of the audio...

When we got past the name of the tour stuff, etc., we asked him some questions about touring a lot (in a good way) with REO Speedwagon, and how they still pull off the big notes in the singing department...

We finally wrapped it with some big love from Lawrence about Bangor. We'll even overlook his mispronunciation of Bangor, hahaha. Then Cori had some pretty direct questions about why he had some really deep discussions with a pink flamingo. Hey... whatever keeps you sane on the road, right?

Anyhoo... Lawrence was a great guy to talk to, and Cori and I wish them nothing but the best this weekend here in Bangor. Maybe I'll see you at the show!

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