Wait a second. Is there going to be a solar eclipse today? How come nobody told me about this?

Just kidding- we all know that there's a solar eclipse happening on April 8, 2024.

And it just so happens that Maine is one of the sweet spots for viewing anywhere in the country.

With so many Maine towns and townships in the direct path of totality, people are flocking from all over the northeast to get to Maine and get their eyes on a (typically) once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As you can imagine, with tens of thousands (maybe more) of people expected to flood the state, traffic will be a headache in certain spots. That's why I have decided to watch this bad Larry from my back deck in the booming metropolis of Windsor, Maine.

Sure, I won't be directly in the path of totality, but I'm okay with that. However, some others aren't, and they have been feverishly driving through the night to make it to one of Maine's eclipse-viewing hotspots.

A list, put out by the Maine Department of Transportation, indicated where in Maine, and more specifically which roads, you might want to avoid for the next day or so.

Severe traffic

  • Interstate 95 from Augusta to Waterville

Major traffic

  • I-95 from Gray to Lewiston
  • I-95 from Waterville to Newport
  • I-295 from Portland to Freeport
  • Route 4 south of Farmington

Route 27 north of Farmington

  • Route 201 in Jackman

Moderate traffic

  • I-95 from Kittery to Augusta
  • I-95 from Newport to Houlton
  • I-295 from Freeport to Augusta
  • Route 1 from Houlton to Caribou
  • Route 201 from Waterville to Jackman
  • Route 7 from Newport to Dover-Foxcroft
  • Route 15 from Dover-Foxcroft to Greenville
  • Route 2 from Bethel to Rumford
  • Routes 4 and 27 in western Maine

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