This one never gets old. The perseverance to hang on to that cup of coffee is truly a Christmas miracle!

Many mornings during the winter at 5 AM, when I walk through the parking lot here at work, I come close to wiping out on a regular basis. This always makes me flash back to a crazy video that was posted way back in January of 2014. It not only makes me laugh but also impresses me with the determination of one woman, to not spill her Dunkin.

Anyone who was ever driven up Drummond Street hill in Bangor when it is slippery out knows that it can be a little scary since it is pretty much the steepest hill here in the area. Try to imagine trying to WALK up it, when there is nothing but glare ice in your path.

I’m not sure if this is amusing, or cruel. But it certainly speaks to the culture we live in now, where every facet of life is recorded, somewhere, by somebody, on their cell phone. The vantage point of this video is from someone who just happened to be looking out their window at the right time and captured the struggle of this poor woman. Either way, it is a Throwback Thursday, so enjoy it once again.

If you dig far enough, you will find another video of a treacherous spot that is very nearby, Drummond St. We all know that pesky Kenduskeag Ave, and there is a terrifying clip of a car that goes on a slide downhill right onto Harlow Street, where mercifully, there is no oncoming traffic. You may pee your pants a little when you see it, however.

Stay tuned, we are putting together a slide splitting compilation of TikTok videos, that feature Mainers wiping out on the ice.

Don't lie, you know you wanna see it!

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