Are you familiar with the word "frites"?  If so, you know it's the French term for French fries.  You also know the "s" at the end is silent.  So what are your feelings about poutine?

Poutine is one of America's favorite foods, but in New Hampshire, these frites are on a whole other level as the Granite State's favorite "must try" food.

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According to, the best spots in the country to get excellent poutine are not far from us in New England.

One of the prime places is in Portland, Maine, where you'll find the very popular restaurant called Duckfat.  Owned by Nancy Pugh and Rob Evans, Duckfat exudes what poutine should be.  Made with Belgian frites, twice fried in duckfat, covered with cheese curds, duck gravy, and fresh chives, this Portland version of poutine is outstanding and worth the trip.

Poutine is so loved by the owners that they opened the Duckfat Frites Shack window for some quick fries made just they way they experienced in Belgium (where the original fried potato was created).

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The only other New England restaurant to make the list of the best poutine in America is in Burlington, Vermont.   This city is a gem for so many reasons, and its fine food is one of them.

Leunig's Bistro is as authentically French as it gets.  Open since 1980, the bistro serves up a duck confit poutine that's divine.  Slow roasted for hours, the duck gravy is poured over the fries and smothered with Maplebrook cheese curds, herbs, and duck gravy.  You can find this appetizer on the smaller kiosk menu as well.

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