I could make a David Letterman-style Top 10, of why I hate hiking.

The top of the list would mostly just be sour grapes. I can't say I ever really loved hiking to begin with, but I enjoy the outdoors. But a bunch of years ago, I had a leg injury and it kind of robbed me of the ability to take seriously long walks, even on flat ground. So mostly, I've reached curmudgeon status because I simply can't go out and play like everyone else.

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Just to rub it in, I have family and friends who absolutely love to go out on these crazy hikes. Aside from my leg though, I also just don't get the appeal. Hiking feels like willingly going to the gym, but you're just doing it outside. If I'm walking to a bakery and it's a mile away, that's one thing. Walking, just to turn around and walk back? No thanks.

Being outdoors is awesome.

Bigfoot Outdoors
Chris Rogers

I will concede to the outdoors argument. Given the choice, I'd live my entire existence on my deck if I could. Or out on the end of the dock at camp. So I can grasp the wonder of nature... But to add needless exercise to a scenic vista, seems kinda bougie. But... there are times, when you have to set your snarky judgy-ness aside, and go spend some time with friends outdoors.

Wooden boardwalk in Jordan Pond, bubble mountains in background

Maine has literally tons of places where you can just take a stroll in the woods, or next to the ocean, or alongside a river. Many cities and towns all over the state have river walks. Bangor, Brewer, Westbrook... just to name a few. But for your tree-huggy woods lovers, the city trails may not quite cut it.

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, maine, USA

You may have to suck it up and go into nature.

There's a ton of spots you can find online that will take you to all corners of Maine. There are Facebook groups, hiking groups, trail resources... you name it. And all of these super easy hikes, were made for people like you and me. I don't want my friends to think I just sit around and write article about how much I hate exercise all day. Oh wait...

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So if you really need a bunch of suggestions, you can just check out this whole list to get some ideas. It has you and me pegged, to a tee. Just the right blend of outdoorsy charm, tempered with being able to breathe without gasping for air and embarrassing yourself. Keep scrolling, but not to fast... It'll feel too much like exercise.

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