It's always fun when we come across creative people making music in interesting ways. When folks thing outside the box...way outside the box....or sometimes they use the box, it's usually a recipe for something really neat.

Some of the coolest music videos out there feature folks playing songs on strange and unique instruments. And when the instruments are home-made...even better!

JStew: I came across this sweet Hendrix cover of Foxy Lady recently, and was immediately impressed with this dude taking all these non-musical objects and making sweet music on them. It's the beauty of living in a digital world... You can literally make music out of nothing, hahaha!

Cori: For me, watching Jack White make a guitar out of an old glass soda bottle, a coupe of pieces of scrap wood and a nail at the beginning of "It Might Get Loud", and then learning how some of the other guitar greats, like The Edge and Jimmy Page got creative with their instruments, was just mind-blowing! (If you haven't seen that documentary, catch up! It's amazing!)

And then, as I started to look in to other artists who make instruments out of cool things, I came across this guy named Justin Johnson, who plays a wicked slide guitar...or in some cases, a slide shovel, an ammo box or a washtub guitar!

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Most of the instruments played in this next video are legitimate except for of course the anvil...that's pretty creative! (as is their delivery, wardrobe and band name!)

You wanna talk about a masterpiece of musical creativity? Ever seen a marble machine play music? This is so rad!

So there you go...a quick way to kill of bunch of time being both impressed by the amazing ingenuity and ability, and dismayed by the amazing ingenuity and ability...because you'll never be that awesome! You're welcome!

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