Who wouldn't want some totally bizarre, weird pet?

If memory serves me correctly, I feel like my mom told me once that my uncle owned a monkey when he was younger. Considering it was the late 40's/early 50's I suppose anything is possible. I also remember my dad telling me he tried unsuccessfully to convince his parents he should get a skunk with it's stink sack removed.

skunk in nature during fall

I'm pretty sure animals like that can be trained to a litter box. I have a cousin with a rabbit that does it's business in a litter box. It couldn't be that far a stretch. I also know there's a farm around here that breeds little pigs that you can keep in your home as a pet, as opposed to keeping it as a future dinner.

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What if you wanted to get really weird?

I saw this post on Reddit, and they claimed that here in Maine, there are a lot of crazy critters you can own, provided you just fill out the proper paperwork. Kangaroos fall into this category. But, have you ever taken a good luck at one of them? They look like a two-legged moose that spends all day at the gym.

But for real, the only thing holding you back from starting your own cartoon style boxing club is a simple permit, which you can get right here. Of course, my favorite use of kangaroos in cartoons are when Sylvester the Cat always thought the baby kangaroo was a giant mouse. There was always hilarity that ensued.

So, do what you want with this information, but if you need to be the next Joe Exotic and start some sort of bizarro-world situation with your pet choices, have at it. At least Maine makes it pretty easy to get the job done.

That said, owning these pets will land you in jail here in Maine.

People Who Own These Pets In Maine Could Face Jail Time

Since there are many exotic animals you cannot own in Maine, I decided to put together a gallery to see what it would be like if I did own them. A girl could dream, right? Below are the animals you cannot own in Maine!

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