Have you been to Korean Dad yet?

I have not, sadly. It just hasn't worked out. they're only open one day a week, and it's quite a ways from where I live, but I think about finally getting to try it all the time. I love to try new food, and certainly try new restaurants. So it kind of breaks my heart a little bit that I haven't given them any of my money yet.

And it'll be a minute before I can, because according to a Facebook post this week, it would seem that unfortunately, Korean Dad will need to shut down for a "family matter". It said that they will return in late May. Hopefully it's nothing serious and can be settled out pretty quickly. We'll hope for the best.

In the meantime, all other restaurants in that spot will be open.

In the space that houses Korean Dad, there are several other businesses operating out of there. Ca C'est Bon, Kuzina, and all the other businesses will be open during this time. they've each all got their own dedicated following, and this situation with Korean Dad only affects them.

It's a unique concept seen in big cities sometimes, where one spot will be an incubator of sorts, for other businesses... Almost like a co-op kitchen. Most of the businesses operating out of there also have a mobile component, like a food truck. So there will be even more chances to have some of the delicious food served out of the State Street location in Veazie.

We'll keep you posted if they open any sooner, or if they end up staying away longer. Hopefully the latter isn't the case.

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