Yes, someone will now walk those new hiking shoes right out to the curb for you to pick up.

Most retail stores here in Maine will not officially open until June 1st, but a few now offer curbside pickup, including Maine's most well-known retailer, L.L. Bean.

The L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport now offers curbside pickup.  Here's how it works.

First, go online and use the "reserve-in-store option" for that new pair of hiking shoes that you've wanted forever. Or, you can just give them a call and tell them that you want curbside pickup.  When you receive a confirmation email that you're order is ready you can then pay right then and there, or you can pay by phone when you arrive to pick up your order.

They ask that you call when you arrive at the store.  Make sure you bring an ID to prove it's really you.  Unlock the car door and someone will those shoes right out to you and slide them into the car. The entire process is spelled out for you HERE.

There, pretty simple, the hardest part of it all is the drive to Freeport.  But hey, what else is there to do in the middle of a pandemic?  Now slide those new hiking shoes on and go for a walk, and work off all that food that you've been eating while working from home.

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