I've said it many times before, that I am kind of an amateur bird watcher. But I've noticed more and more, I think I just like to watch the day to day activity of what goes on in my back yard. There's a lot of birds, turkeys, the occasional deer. Lately in particular, I've become quite fascinated by the squirrels and chipmunks.

So when chatting with one of our friends at a proper social distance at our fire pit over the weekend, Stasia tells us how she's been feeding squirrels right out of her hand, and that they actually come when she calls to them. Naturally, I only sort of believed it, but she said she had video proof.

I had to eat my words at the rate that this chipmunk is eating those seeds. Check it out, it's crazy.

Sure enough, these little guys just appear out of nowhere, like she's some kind of Dr. Doolittle-y chipmunk whisperer. I can't even get my wife to listen to me tell some stupid story, and this lady calls to wild animals and they appear. Granted, food rewards make animals learn fast, but still...

They come right up to the window if she's not outside too! It's crazy!

Photo Stasia Houp
Photo Stasia Houp

Anyway, enjoy a fun little video that you're guaranteed to watch twice in a row. I know I did. And these days, I'll take all the one-minute time killers I can find!

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