There's no better thank you gift than offering up a member of the family.

The Baileyville Police Department in Washington County posted a thank you note from a little girl recently, and adorable is the word of the day.

We can only presume that the letter is addressed to Bob Fitzsimmons, who is the Chief of the Baileyville Police Department.

Just in case you have a hard time reading it, the letter states, "Dear Officer Bob, Thank you for everything you did for me, my mom and my sister and thank you for having me be your favorite and adoring me too.  If you are single my mom really likes you and if you are single you and my mom could be together and then you could be my dad."

Wow, sounds like Officer Bob made quite the impression on this little one.  Amazing.

We recently told you about an episode where Chief Fitzsimmons jumped onto a sled and joined a couple of young girls for an outing in the snow there in Baileyville. The Chief had the two girls giggling in their boots when he fell backwards onto the sled and into the snow.  We have to wonder if that had anything to do with this letter of extreme and loving  admiration.

Or maybe the young girl and her mother stopped by on New Year's Day when the Chief and his counterparts served up hundreds of free hot dogs in the parking lot of the police station during a drive-by cookout, just because. Just because they wanted to be part of a community.

Sounds like things do matter, in the mind of a young girl.

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