Every now and then the amazing happens, a lobster buoy or some other wooden or Styrofoam tool that a downeast Maine lobster fisherman would use ends up on the other side of the Atlantic.

Imagine the surprise that members of the Friends of Sorrento VIA Facebook group expressed when Robert Smith, a lobster fisherman himself from the Orkney Islands, located just off the northern coast of Scotland, contacted them that he had found an orange lobster buoy marked with "Joe Bennett 516 Sorrento ME VHF-11"

Of course everyone knows everyone within the small fishing community on the peninsula of Sorrento, located off Route 1 in Sullivan. It didn't take long for Gina Bennett to say, "Yes, that is my son's."

Leslie Harlow chimed in with Sorrento pride, "I think Sorrento should chip in and invite this guy to come for a visit. Put him up. Show him our great area. Give him a key to the community. Make it fun. This is a fun, spirit lifting story."

Now this has happened a few times in the past that we can remember.  Back in 2017 a buoy from Addison made it's way 2,551 miles to France.   Then there was Frank White of Trenton, who was informed that a buoy of his traveled 2,695 miles to Ireland.

We presume that this has been happening forever, but now with Facebook it's become almost too easy to track people and places down.  But as any fisherman will tell you, the Atlantic Ocean is a pretty wild environment, and to have anything travel that far across it is pretty amazing as Krista Leigh Mather says, "I grew up in Sorrento (very close to the Bennetts, actually!) and live in England now, and thinking about this making it all the way over here is absolutely incredible. What an amazing find!"

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