According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, these cats can grow up to 22 inches high and 34 inches long, and weigh as much as 24 pounds. After seeing these photos, we believe it!

Wow, look at the huge Canadian Lynx that was filmed via a trail cam in Waldo, and then posted to Maine Food Plots & Trail Cam Pictures on Facebook.  It almost looks like some mythical creature prowling the Maine woods, but it's real!

One of our favorite videos was of two lynx in a middle-of-the-road standoff recorded in Northern Piscataquis County last year. Another video that was taken by a Maine Forest Ranger in Baxter State Park shows a lynx, looking a little concerned by the way, cowering across a dirt road.

And did you know that lynx can swim?  Yes, pretty good for that matter.  Check out these photos of a lynx taking a dip in Long Pond, part of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway!

Now we haven't heard of anyone being mauled to death by a lynx here in Maine, but we would still advise not to try to grab one by it's.......well, wait a minute, they really have no tail.  So, you're all set!


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