I love hiking trails this time of year but sometimes it is hard to find the right trail for the time you have that is close by. This is where the Maine Trail Finder site can really help you out.

A perfect example I found there is the Healthy Hikes at Fields Pond going on tonight. The hike is free and easy to walk. They list the hike going on from 4-5 PM this evening at the Fields Pond Audubon Center, Holden. Boom you are in the woods with friends enjoying this beautiful Maine season. Tomorrow there is a hike and volunteer clean up going on in Hancock and many other great event around the state.

In addition to the events on  Maine Trail Finder there is also a very comprehensive map of all our state's trail. This map is searchable by town, how far you want to drive to get there, difficulty, distance, pet friendly, walking, running, hiking or even paddling. It is amazing and so easy to use.

I did a quick search and it gave me 7 options, 5 of which i had not known existed before. Sweet!

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