More Common Than Ever

Tattoos in various styles have been around for centuries. Tattoos in the United States were largely part of military or sailor culture and for decades were looked down upon. Today the attitudes toward tattoos have in large part changed. Many businesses have evolved and have removed anti-visible tattoos for employee handbooks and are more socially acceptable than ever.

Tattoos in pop culture certainly helped the change of public opinion with various tattoo-centric reality shows and competitions.

Tatted in Maine

Even though Maine is a small state, Mainers don't have to travel to big cities like Boston, New York City, or Pittsburg for quality ink. In fact, there are some incredible shops and artists right in our backyard.

The Best of the Best

Recently we asked listeners to share photos of their ink and share about their artist. There were HUNDREDS of submissions.

The Parlor in Auburn, as well as Venom Ink Tattoo in Sanford, were posted many times and happened to make this list. And yes, because there were hundreds of entries more lists will be published in the future.

Besides two heavy tattoo hitters being a commonality in this first list, another commonality was the love of pop culture with Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney ink. (Which, technically are all Disney now, right?)

Check out our first batch of 14 tattoos from the simple fine lines, to watercolor, to portraits, and more. If you'd like to brag on your artist and share a photo you can always submit photos through our app!

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