Seriously, how long has the end of Essex Street been closed?

My money says that it's been way over a year. I used to use that little strip of road every single day when I still lived in Bangor. Even now, I desire to use it all the time, but have been denied at every turn, literally. I'm surprised there haven't been memes about it or anything like that. and to this day, I'm not entirely sure what they've even been doing.

Just to have this little avenue of convenience back in my life is amazing.

It looks like it's probably some kind of sewer upgrade. There's long strips of new black hot top, in shapes that would imply some kind of new pipes have been laid. But again, why did this take months on end? How long is that strip? 250 feet? It's nuts. It seems impossible that it's been closed off with giant concrete barriers for up to a year.

Well, now it's finally back open... Kinda.

When I came upon the open-to-traffic bit of Essex over the weekend, I did notice that the road still looked pretty rugged, and there was still a lot of large construction equipment around. My guess is that the work isn't done, and that the street may still have some forthcoming closures before all is said and done.


Certainly, the street needs to be re-surfaced entirely, but we'll see if that happens before winter fully sets in. But seriously, just to have this little avenue of convenience back in my life is amazing. I won't say it's worth the wait, because it's a 250 foot section of road that's been useless to the world for months. But hey, welcome back to simpler driving.

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