It's nice to have the Literacy Tea back in person...

When 2020 rolled around, Literacy Volunteers of Bangor was deep into the planning of their annual Literacy Tea event. And with just a couple days to spare, it had to be put off due to the pandemic. And naturally, it was silent for a couple of years after as well, while cases of Covid were spiking all over the place.

Now that things have gotten pretty well back to normal over the last year or so, public events made a strong comeback. I even went to a big rock show this past fall... Something I hadn't personally done since pre-pandemic. It felt awkward, but I rocked as hard as I could, I assure you.

This year, the Literacy Tea comes back in a big way.

The Marvin & Sheri Glazier Literacy Tea will take place this year on April 2nd, at John Bapst Memorial High School. Just like every year, there will be an author featured at the event. This year it'll be Maine author Amy MacDonald, with her book Little Beaver and the Echo.

The other super cool thing about the Literacy Tea, is that you can get a table and decorate it however you like, in the style of your favorite kids book. I n my opinion, it's always the highlight of the whole thing. People get super creative and come up with amazing ideas that really make the tables pop at the event. If you're interested in that part, you can register here for a table.

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