So there was an election yesterday...

Funny, what a difference a year makes. This time last year it was all about rigged elections, unfair absentee/mail-in ballots, yadda yadda yadda. Not a single peep about that stuff this year. Go figure... Anyhoo..... There was an election yesterday, and Mainers voted on several key issues related to our state.

Here are the results for you to peruse...

Question 1: CMP Corridor issue. Not gonna happen.....

This was one of those stupidly tricky questions that seemed like whoever drafted the wording was hoping to confuse the crap out of people. Basically, it was one of those situations where yes meant no, and no meant yes. It probably caused a certain amount of confusion for some folks. But it didn't help the cause.

Voters in Maine overwhelmingly rejected the corridor with 59% of the vote. Not to mention.... the "Yes" folks dumped more money into advertising than I've personally ever seen on a bond issue. The same could be said of both sides of the issue, to be fair. Big bucks...... all whammies.

Question 2: Transportation infrastructure bond. Yes to more road construction.

Honestly, this was kind of a boring boiler-plate referendum question like you've seen on just about every state ballot in every single election since you started voting. Basically, did you approve of the state getting a bunch of our money together with federal money and doing stuff to the roads? It passed with 72% of the vote.

Essentially, we voted on how much road construction, bridgework, highway construction, etc. that Maine will do in the coming years. Zzzzzzzzz...... I feel like I just voted for more road construction. Is that good? Obviously, yes. But still.....

Question 3: Make it an actual right to grow, harvest, and consume food. Well, duh.

How was this even a question?! I know there's been a lot of hubbub in recent years about people growing their own food. But the fact that we, as a state, one of the most rural states in the country for that matter, is mind-blowing. Like, we had to vote on whether or not you can grow food.

I suppose one could argue the wording was a bit vague and did anything need to change... However, it's food. I suppose no one wants to see a cow standing in the middle of someone's front yard on Broadway in Bangor, but hey... it's food. Mainers should be able to grow and harvest. Pretty simple. It passed with flying colors, 61%.

This was obviously not a banner election year.

Although, you'd think by the amount of money dumped into Question 1, that it was a presidential election year. It was nuts. We should've started a drinking game that involved doing shots every time a Question 1 commercial came on. But no one's liver could handle that..... No one.

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