Can we all agree the Price is Right is video comfort food?

Even with Drew Carey at the helm, there's something very right about turning on the Price is Right when you're home sick. I don't care how old you are, TPIR is the ultimate sick day treat. It's like if chicken soup were a game show. When I was a kid, it was absolute mandatory TV watching if I stayed home.

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You can imagine my excitement a couple years ago when I discovered the Pluto app on my Roku, featured an entire Price is Right channel. Not only that, it's all Bob Barker era episodes. So it's nice to enjoy the nostalgia that goes along with it. It takes me all the way back to sick days in the late 70's. Of course, I find it wildly interesting that TV's are now hundreds of dollars cheaper, and somehow 5 times bigger than they used to be.

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Secretly, I think everyone's dream is to be asked to "Come on down!"

Joey Fatone Hosts "The Price Is Right - Live" Show At Bally's Las Vegas
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You may get your chance! The live show for the Price is Right is hitting the road and making a stop in Bangor at the Cross Insurance Center on September 24th, according to WABI. Now before you get your hopes up, Drew Carey doesn't usually hit the road for these. They've been known to draw off other celebrities/MC's to host the events.

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But really, if Bob Barker can't be there (other than for obvious reasons) I don't really care who hosts, as long as I got to play Plinko. I'm there to see the games, and watch people's wins and losses. I feel bad for the person, but it's kind of like watching someone slip on the ice. You're mostly glad it wasn't you, hahaha.

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Tickets are on pre-sale right now. There's a few tiers of pricing options for tickets, and a couple options for parking as well. Doors are at 6:30pm, and that's when ticket holders will be able to get in and grab their big yellow name/price tags. But this may be your chance to spin the big wheel! Hopefully they call your name and ask you to COME ON DOWN!!

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