Here and there since the quarantine began, there has been very little to get excited about. Whether you're working from home all day, and sitting on the couch all night, or you're flat out unemployed and just all-purpose bored and angry... there hasn't been much to point to as inspiration to get out of bed.

While news of the DOT being way ahead of schedule, may not set the world on fire, it does point to the fact that when we can get on the road en masse, we'll be able to do so and be less aggravated about it. I know I suffer from pointless road rage, and more often than not it's directed at construction delays more than other drivers.

I mean, there's jokes about Maine roads in the summertime. But according to Fox Bangor, with so many less cars on the road, crews have been able to work during the day instead of at night. And the volume is down big time. In March 2020 compared to March 2019, traffic was down 53%!

And in April, traffic was still down over 40% from last year. So while it does suck that we all have to be home all day, road crews can work more efficiently and much more safely. That's a definitely a win-win. Look at it this way, when we can get out on the roads again, they'll be in mint condition!

So while it's kind of a small victory, take every one you can get. Times like this just want to suck away your entire soul, so take the tiny wins and point a certain finger at what's keeping you down.

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