Not only can he kick some serious ass, but apparently he's pretty good with a brush as well!

Chris Sarro of Ellsworth, otherwise known as "Golden Gloves" in the professional fighting industry, has a big match coming up on Saturday, March 14th, in Wichita, Kansas.  You can watch him fight in this Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship match on Pay Per View.

Chris weighs in at about 217 lbs. and stands 6'1" tall and he's currently ranked #36 in the Northeast.

We we're pretty excited when Tracy from the Tideway Market in Hancock delivered the "Knock-Out" chicken sandwich to our studio last week.  It was delicious, and pretty darn huge as well, and for good reason. The Tideway Market named it the Knock-Out in support of Chris who has always been a good customer, and loves the chicken tenders served up by the Tideway Market.

What we didn't know was that Chris was such an accomplished painter.  He's responsible for painting the wonderful and purely amazing paintings that depict Maine on the side of the Tideway Market, located on Route 1.

We wish our local and very talented hometown hero all the best in his next fight!

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