When I saw Jaws, I honestly thought sharks didn't come to Maine.

I knew we had little sand sharks and that sort of thing, but I always thought Great Whites were just something people had to worry about in like, Florida. I assumed Maine was exempt from that kind of horror. As we've learned in the last few years, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

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A few years ago, a woman was tragically attacked and killed by a Great White. A man caught one right off the beach last summer, in Southern Maine. So there's no way around it, they're here. I won't lie, these days it makes me think twice before I'll even put my toes in the water at the beach.

Right now, there's over half a dozen swimming off our coast.


Yup. So if you were wondering if they're here right now, the answer is absolutely yes. I was scoping out this online tracker for tagged Great Whites, and it clearly shows that there are 7 swimming in the Gulf of Maine. But let's be real... those are just the ones with tags on them. I'm not saying there are hundreds out there, but I bet you there's more than 7.

Great white shark "smiling"

But let's also be real... attacks are extremely rare. Sightings however, are much more frequent. But, if I see a seal or whale or something, it'll feel like a gift from nature. If I was out and about and saw a Great White, I'd probably need a fresh pair of swim trunks.


How often do they come up this way?

The "season" for Great Whites here in Maine is typically from July through October, so it's a bit early for them to be showing up. But like any critter, they're mostly just going to head where the food is. If it's all the way up here right now, that's where they're going to go. Eating and making babies seem to be they're major goal in life.

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Now, no one is saying that you shouldn't go in the water. Again, attacks are so rare that it's almost not an issue. But despite all that, it's still a very real possibility you could encounter a shark. It's just another one of the many things you'll likely think about every time your feet leave the sand and kiss the water. Yay. No stress there...

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