Just a couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece proposing the idea that maybe the state should do something about getting a bonus to essential workers for all they'd done during the pandemic to keep the state going, especially as others were being offered big bonuses to simply go back to work.

Well, sure enough, someone somewhere was listening. Not specifically to me, but to the loud chorus of folks around the state who thought maybe essential workers deserved a little more than a pat on the back and a thank you. They certainly deserve a thank you, but a little more would certainly be nice.

A recent report from WGME says that soon, Mainers could start seeing one-time payments of $300. Folks who make $75,000 or less will get $300, and families filing jointly that make under $150,000 will get $600, amounting to the same $300 apiece. Is it a lot? No. Is it welcome? Absolutely. who can't use extra money?

The money is coming from the newly-reached, bipartisan state budget. So folks on both sides of the aisle managed to set aside their differences and arrive at this decision together. Of course, politics being what it is, this news won't please everyone, but it never does, so to heck with it. Show us the money!

There is no immediate indication of when these checks may start rolling out, as it still needs some final approval. But if that happens, we may start seeing them sometime this fall. So cross your fingers. We could all use some good news as 2021 starts to wind down.

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