Having a well is awesome, but....

When my wife and I moved out of town a few years ago, I think one of the things I was most excited about was that our drinking water came from a well. I'd lived a whole life of city water, and loved how my water at my new house just tasted like nothing. No chemicals, nothing. Just clear water.

But there can also be downsides to owning a well. If you have a mega-dry summer, there's always the threat of it running dry. We've had a lot of drought the last few years and the thought never really leaves my mind. You could also get funky smells. Or worse, you could end up with toxic chemicals or heavy metals in your water.

The state legislature is aware of this and looking to help.

According to News Center Maine, Maine lawmakers are looking to allocate money for homeowners and landlords to treat issues with their drinking water. There could be any number of issues affecting someone's well. Lead is always an issue. Arsenic and radon are other huge concerns.

Obviously if you own a well, you should stay on top of testing your water. You can buy kits right at any of the big box stores, or hire a professional to do it. If the legislation on the table passes, and you can show evidence of the contamination, that's where the state may step in and help out with the intended payout.

If it passes, $500,000 will be put into play for Maine residents with issues, and the money could start coming out before the end of the year.


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