How do you politely tell someone they are fat?

You’re still beautiful. Or should I say, we’re still beautiful, but the latest statistics released say that county by county Mainers are fatter on average than we were a decade ago

There are 16 counties in Maine. One hasn’t gained weight on average in the past 10 years. Fifteen, however, have.

First congrats to Somerset County, the only county over the past 10 years to show a decrease in their average weight. By 1%, but again the only county in better shape when it comes to obesity in Maine than 10 years prior.

The worst gain over the past 10 years is in Hancock County. On average, Hancock county citizens are 7% more obese than they were a decade ago.

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Here’s the ranking 2 through 15

  • Androscoggin
  • Piscataquis
  • Knox
  • Waldo
  • Cumberland
  • Franklin
  • Lincoln
  • Washington
  • Kennebec
  • Penobscot
  • Sagadahoc
  • York
  • Aroostook
  • Oxford

The study comes from Bar Bend, the world’s leading strength training resource. The analysis of data is also available by County Health Rankings.

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Overall, America has seen a sharp increase in obesity rates since the early 1980s, which was right around the time that more focus and attention started being paid to people’s waistlines.  Statistics show it has all but been for naught.

Public Health alerts and messages haven’t been working.

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Maybe it is time to bring back reruns of television’s The Biggest Loser show for inspiration.

Or to finally heed the advice we have all heard so many times.

Eat Less. Exercise More.


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