Luckily for me, my dating days ended years ago.

I'm not saying marriage is a cake walk and all life's problems end when you get married. There are totally worse things in life than being single. No disrespect to my wife, I thoroughly enjoyed my single years. I lived alone, had a decent job, no real responsibilities... Those were some great times.

Studio apartment with kitchenette

But also, they were some pretty lonely times too. It's no fun sitting around your apartment alone on milestone birthdays, or having no one to lean on when life is just crazy. Go ahead and add to that, the fact that Maine has a small population, concentrated in mostly one area of the state.

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It's probably a lot easier to find a date in Portland than Presque Isle.

I'm not calling out these towns for any reason, other than population and easy access. Living in Southern Maine affords you a chance to live in a fairly populated area, offering many choices, so to speak. Living in the county has a smaller population, and more likely that you're potential pool of partners is pretty small.


And if it seems like dating in Maine is just harder than it would be somewhere else, it is! It's not your imagination. Science is on your side. A survey was recently published by, and it places Maine at #38 among all 50 states. Other New England states fared much better.

What's so great about Massachusetts?

After all, they come in at #11 on the same survey. Connecticut came in at #19. Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island were all in the Top 30, leaving dusty, old Maine near the bottom. At the very bottom of the list though, was West Virginia. They are apparently the most miserable, anywhere.

Welcome to Massachusetts road sign.

All of this was based on things like dating opportunities, fun things to do, and overall economy. It's no wonder that if those are the basic criteria, we'd be towards the bottom, haha. Oh well. I do feel bad for the folks who I know that are single. But, it's also reasons like these, why I'm glad I have an amazing wife. It makes getting out of bed worth it, every single day.

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