I've grown up as a lifelong Mainer.

I've tried moving away once or twice, but it never really stuck. Even if I did manage to head somewhere else for a while, I've always come back. It's a classic case of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I mean sure, you can certainly find some superficial reasons to not be that fond of Maine, but no matter where you go, you'll find reasons to not like it.

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But rarely do people leave Maine and then never return. I've known people that have moved to Europe, other states, wherever... And they come back. Sometimes decades later even, but they always come back. And it seems we're being recognized nationwide, as one of the states you should live in forever.

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Maine is one of the Top 3 best states to live in.

The Portland Head Light at sunrise just outside of Portland, Maine.

Let's be real, without naming direct names, there are some truly awful states to live in. I guess maybe you'd like one of those places if you grew up there, But there are definitely states in the US that just don't look fun to even visit. No one really talks about the amazing tourism opportunities in Ohio.

Boiled Lobster with Vegetables and Potatoes

But in addition to all our normal good stuff, like the coastline, pristine forests, amazing seafood, and clean air, Maine also has extremely low crime. To the point, that we employ less police officers than most places in the US. Sure, it'd always be nice to have a few more police officers throughout Maine, but we be doing worse.

Aerial view of downtown Portland, Maine along Congress street

Who scored better than us?

Ultimately, it's no shocker to anyone from Maine that we'd be so high on the list. The only states that come ahead of us on this list, are Iowa and North Dakota. Barring those, we're aces. And neither of those places have any of the other things we talked about like the food and the gorgeous coastline.

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But hey... #3 isn't really a bad place to land. There's always room for improvement, but it's good to know that we're a place you'd want to live and raise a family. Again, no one is saying let me go raise a family in Ohio...

Here's some of what makes Maine so awesome...

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