Some town names just make sense.

For real, Maine has some towns with straight-up odd names. Like Meddybemps. But would you ever look at it and wonder if you could say it right? I have a friend with 4 letters in his last name, and people have butchered how to say it his whole life. Meddybemps has ten very easy-to-understand letters. Go figure.

So I started looking at a bunch of Maine town names. And there are bunches that look like they should be impossible to pronounce, but just aren't. But then, we also have some that are just absolutely baffling. Especially for folks who aren't from here. Although, at least we don't have to deal with Worcester. Or Leominster.

Orono. Look at that word, then say it in your head. Not even close, bub.

But all the "keag" towns for instance. Surprisingly easy. Mattawamkeag looks scary as all get-out, but pretty easy. As is Passadumkeag.  Even Millinocket.

But what about some of the absolute $#17 show names?

Let's start with maybe one of the worst offenders..... Orono. Look at that word, then say it in your head. Not even close, bub. Even Bangor. Ask anyone from outside of New England and they're going to butcher the snot out of it. Or perhaps Bowdoin. The town may get a pass, thanks to the college in Brunswick.

And of course, the debate over Mount Desert Island even causes disagreement among people who've lived in this state their whole lives. I imagine there's even gotta be some tension about it amongst islanders themselves. Is it desert? Is it dessert? I'm sure there's a "correct" answer, but I'm not sure I actually want to know.

At any rate, here's a pretty extensive list of all the towns that are trying to trick you with their names. Do you live in one of these towns? Set me straight!

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