I've said it before, I want to believe. Hahaha...

I like to think of myself, when it comes to things that are paranormal or unexplained, as an open minded skeptic. I want to believe so hard, but I just have to have something more than a grainy cell phone video, or an orb. No disrespect to people that believe in that sort of thing, but I need something just a little more.

Listen to these links below and hear Justin tell this story in his own words. Creepy AF.

So last week, when we discussed the idea that there could possibly be werewolves in Palmyra, who am I to say that did or did not happen? The whole story even made it onto a national television show called Paranormal Witness. So there's definitely something going on. But at this stage, it's all internet history. Sometimes I can be swayed a bit more though, by someone who has some first hand experience.

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So are there werewolves, or what?

A listener named Justin gave a call in and dropped the bomb that he actually used to live in the house where the Martin family was stalked by alleged werewolves almost 20 years ago. As Justin was telling his story, it became apparent that real star of the whole story might not be werewolves at all.

Photo by Avery Cocozziello on Unsplash
Photo by Avery Cocozziello on Unsplash

Practically the first thing he said on the phone, was that the house was evil. He said he'd certainly heard howling in the woods, but it's Maine. Coyotes are everywhere. He wasn't bothered by that at all. It was when they started seeing people in their bedroom, and unseen forces slapping pillows on the bed, that Justin and his family became more concerned.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

So what happened?

I asked Justin why he and his wife didn't just pack up and move out? And it was out of necessity. Not everyone can just pack up and move. Which is completely practical. But the activity in the home became so obvious, it was even happening in the daytime, all the way up until the day they moved out of the house. The spirits took one last chance and whispered to Justin that his cleaning job was perfect.

Cleaning sink

So on the last day, he'd finally had enough and literally threw in the towel. Well, the mop. Listen to these links below and hear Justin tell this story in his own words. Creepy AF.

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