If this doesn't make your skin crawl, I don't know what will! Shared on Facebook, a presumed black widow spider was allegedly found alive in her bag of grapes from a grocery store in Lewiston.

What's scary is I'm sure this isn't the first time I've seen something like this pop up on my News Feed so I dug a little deeper.

According to Rare, this happens to 700-800 people a year! One theory in the Rare article suggests these deadly spiders have increased in number in bags of grapes due to a decrease in the use of pesticides.

While black widows are widely known to be deadly, they aren't quite as deadly as you may think. At least they aren't as deadly as I thought. I figured you were pretty much done for after a bite.

Poison.org states that the bite is more dangerous to children and the elderly. If the bite is mild it may not even need immediate medical attention, just a good cleaning. A more severe bite could feel like appendicitis or a heart attack and in those cases need treatment. A black widow bite is also a tetanus exposure so it's important to get the shot if you're not up to date. Regardless, it's best to contact your medical provider if you were bitten to be safe.

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