It's obvious that Maine's tourism industry has taken a huge punch, to an extent we haven't even fully realized.

The State of Maine has rolled out a multi-phase reopening plan. Stage 2 planned to begin in June, and within that plan, hotels and other lodgings may reopen to Maine residents and those from out of state who have quarantined for 14 days upon entering the state.

This undoubtedly is devastating to our tourism industry. In reality, unless someone has family here or a summer home, they won't have the ability to quarantine for two weeks and then take a proper vacation.

Now us locals have a unique opportunity to play tourist in our own state. Many of us have stepped up and supported local restaurants by using curbside pickup and delivery, now the lodging industry needs our help.

One unique destination, located in Southwest Harbor is Acadia Yurts. A must for anyone interested in glamping, which, for those who don't know, is essentially camping, but with style and amenities.

Acadia Yurts has gorgeous fully furnished yurts and tiny homes to stay in. For June and July, they're offering a "Pay What You Can" opportunity for locals and those from away that quarantine for 14 days.

They are still taking applications for this unique opportunity here. But what can you expect?

You have three lodging options. First, a 24' Yurt that sleeps up to 4 people and is pet friendly. Then a 30' yurt that can sleep up to 6 and a tiny house option that can sleep 2 that are not pet friendly.

The application will ask you what you can afford for a night and asks for a paragraph about what vacation means to you and how a vacation impacts you and your friends.

If the glamping isn't enough of an incentive, Acadia Yurts also has a Wellness Center where you can take daily yoga classes, try float therapy in a sensory deprivation tank, spend time in an infrared sauna, and even get a massage.

If you want to get away from the campus there's beauty and fun to be discovered in the Acadia area from hiking to sailing or checking out Bass Harbor Lighthouse.

So, Mainers, if your regular vacation plans have changed, or you're looking for a new experience, think you'll give glamping a shot? I know I am! And if this year doesn't work definitely keep Acadia Yurts in mind for future adventures.

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