Yeah, most of our listener's first cars were in pretty rough shape when they bought them, but those clunkers still hold a special place in their hearts!

They were purchased from places no longer in business like Bean & Conquest, Kelly Pontiac, Lewis' Used Cars, Just Chevys in Eddington and Sabean Motors in Machias.

There was that 1969 Dodge Dart GT Sport that Jane wishes that she still had today , a Mustang with a rusted frame that didn't make it far off the dealer's lot, a 1969 Camaro painted bright orange, and a 1975 Ford Maverick that was a "beast."

Maine winter weather took more than a few of our first vehicles. If the salt from the sand trucks didn't eat them up, then Mother Nature did.

Reading through some of the submissions, we longed for the price of a new car back in the 70s, and we also thought about how much our first car would be worth today if we had kept it nice and had it stored away in a barn somewhere.

At times, our first purchase showed our novice car buying skills, and we eventually paid the price, but seemed to have fun along the way.

There were those that bought their first ride at Bangor dealerships with names that were once very popular and top of mind.

My first car was a 1972 Dodge Coronet Super Bee, and it would get me to high school just in time for class, even when I over slept! I didn't buy it in Maine, and dad didn't think it could eventually make the trip north from Connecticut to the Pine Tree State.  He was right.

DJ Fred photo - 1977
DJ Fred photo - 1977

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