I don't really ride bikes, but love the idea...

When I was a kid, I was the King of Bikes. I rode everywhere for years on my old Huffy BMX, and later my old Schwinn 10-speed. Once I got into high school, I don't think I rode a bike again for years. To this day, I own a bike, but I don't think I've ridden it more than a handful of times. So maybe I'm not the best messenger, but...

I know a lot of my friends who are avid bikers, often wish they could ride more places around the state on longer rides, but hate riding main roads or having to navigate routes without any kind of special spots for bikes to ride. But if things keep going the way they're headed, that may change in the next few years.

Wouldn't it be killer if there was a bike path for the whole state?

It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. According to Maine Public, the Main Trails Coalition, along with several other groups, have been developing a plan that could link all 25 of Maine's largest cities, via an off-road trail system. It won't be cheap, as the price tag comes in around $160 million.

But these groups feel there's enough interest, that it'd be a worthwhile investment in Maine's infrastructure. Within certain groups it could ease some road congestion on a small scale, but as certain times of the year in Maine, every little bit counts. If it's all actually approved, then we may see the new trails by 2030.


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