With its eerie silence and unknown critters hiding among the greenery, the Maine woods is a scary place sometimes. Go on these spooky hikes if you dare!

Editor's Note: This story was originally published in 2017 and has been updated.

Compass Harbor Nature Trail, Bar Harbor

This was once a trail walked by wealthy mansion owner, George Dorr. All that's left of his mansion now are foundations and stone steps leading to the water. Dorr reportedly died on this trail to the beach in old age when he was walking with his caretaker. While there have been only a few reports of ghostly sightings of Dorr, it seems his caretaker is the one who continues to watch from the woods. Read more here, or in Ghosts of Acadia by Marcus Librizzi.

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Maiden's Cliff, Camden

The tragic death of a young girl here is no secret as the spot is marked with a huge white cross. Here hikers have reported seeing a sun hat blowing in the wind that seems to come and disappear mysteriously. The most common report here is the sound of a little girl's scream in the wind. Read about the death of Elenora French here. 

Old Narrow Gauge Trail, Randolph

Orbs of light, dark shadows, and screams to 'get out' are just some of the haunting happening in the Randolph forest. The most well-known spirit here is known as 'Bicycle Larry' a beloved local who went missing, bike and all. Locals will tell you he was murdered by Norris Perry, the man he stayed with, but nobody was ever found. Click here for the full story.

Ship Harbor Nature Trail, Bar Harbor

When a shipwreck left 200 people stranded in Ship Harbor in 1739 they found it eerily unoccupied. As sickness and lack of supplies began to set in the group of 200 quickly lost almost half of the survivors who were buried in unmarked graves here. 100 survivors set out for help in October and none were ever heard from again. This area is thought to be cursed due to multiple shipwrecks here since. Not to mention just strange occurrences. Could it be a curse or the shipwreck survivors buried under the rocks? Read more here.

Haynesville Woods, Haynesville

Legend is a young girl named Annie was attacked in her sleep by what she described as a woman with a melting face. A short while later Annie went missing, and when her body was found, the thing then missing was her face... Annie's family all died in strange ways and her father went insane. Today when the Haynesville woods gets darker than dark, there are reports of a woman with a face melted like wax. You can get all the gory details here.

Flying Mountain, MDI

After establishing a small colony here, 48 French Jesuits were attacked with bloody and deadly results. The man leading the charge on the French was Samuel Argall who is most well known for kidnapping Pocahontas. Some Jesuits fled up the mountain only to be discovered later and forced into servitude. Hauntings here include apparitions of bloody Jesuit priests, whispered prayers, a red tint to the local spring water, and even disappearing boats! More about Flying Mountain here. 

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