Spring is in the air and 'tis the season for babies. That was the shocking discovery Michael Lovett of a member of the crew at Darling's Honda Nissan Volvo in Bangor. A customer had brought in their car for service and upon popping open the hood the tech had a pleasant surprise of a complete and unharmed nest of baby squirrels ensconced under the protection of the Nissan Rogue's hood.

As was proper, the babies were carefully removed and sent along to a certified rehaber RR Wildlife. They have been caring for injured and abandoned wildlife since 2008. Their opinion was that these babies had been under the hood for about two weeks. The non-profit is welcoming donations to help care for these and other spring babies in need of their help.

Glad to be in the care of a loving person, lunch is served. As all babies these little ones will need to be fed every 3 or 4 hours, cleaned up and kept warm. Thanks so much to the caring people at Darling's and these dedicated animal experts.

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