It's fun to talk about warm weather.

When you weigh it against the fact that we got snow here in the Bangor area yesterday, talking about the potential for warm days ahead makes me downright giddy. I don't get excited about much. I get mad at a lot of things, but the idea of finally breaking out of this spring and getting towards summer makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I think as Mainers, we get pretty antsy this time of year because the weather is so unpredictable. One day it's almost 80 degrees, and then maybe a day or two later and it's 50 degrees. Sometimes all in the same day. So when it seems like we're finally headed in a warm direction, it's easy to get anxious.

It's looking like Memorial Weekend will be the real kickoff to summer.

Sometimes I can't help myself, and I have to start looking ahead at the extended forecast. When it's snowing in May and it's 40 degrees outside with a 25+ mph wind, I wanna know when I can stop being mad at nature. To my surprise, I noticed that Memorial Day weekend has the potential to be downright awesome.

The National Weather Service shows that next week the warm temps start to move in by midweek. I cross-referenced it with the weather app on my phone, which goes a little farther out. It was then that I saw magic in the forecast for the holiday weekend.

It looks like we could be well into the 70's, approaching the 80's on Saturday and Sunday, and even Monday looks like it could stay sunny and warm and in the 70's. Granted, this is Maine and we all know how the weather does what it wants. So things could change. But cross your fingers, we may just finally get meteorologically lucky.

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