JStew: It's funny, there' s always a silver lining to every cloud. And middle age has a lot of those yet-to-be-revealed benefits. Sure, I could list off a dozen things that were way easier when I was younger, but it's always a trade-off. I used to be able to party til 4:00am and get 2 or 3 hours of sleep, and then roll into work. Now, if I drank like that, I'd need a week off. But maturity has taught me limits. See? Middle age has it uses, hahaha. But we wondered how you felt about it, and your answers were colorful, if not accurate.

Cori: I've been a "crazy-old-lady-in-training" since childhood. As much as it sucks that my body doesn't seem to want to keep up with my brain, there are definitely some benefits that have come with the passage of all those decades...I value my own time a lot more now. I used to think I had to do it all. Now I have more peace in saying no. I've never really cared what people of thought of me, since middle school, so that hasn't really changed. But realizing just how unimportant and weighty drama can be, it's become easier to stay level-headed. And I'm quicker to really hunt for the good in a bad situation now, because I know it's there, if you just look for it--rather than be so quick to go straight to a place of "this sucks!" I think that comes with age, too.

So here, in all their glory, are your ideas about the benefits of middle-age....

Kari Jo Davis Getting up off the floor.. not gonna lie, it ain't pretty.  ooops that's harder. Lol ok for me it's easier to buy myself a treat, everyone else always came first.
Cory Plaisted Saying no to things, ignoring drama and not caring what other people think.
Dennis Bean Taking an afternoon nap without my parents forcing me to!!! Why on Earth did i fight them so hard as a child!??....id like all those refused naps back please!!!!
Jen Megquier Saying no. I used to bend over backwards and tie myself into a pretzel pleasing other people. It has become very easy to say no and do self care.
Justin Choiniere It’s def easier to not feel bad about going to bed earlier than you used to.
Aisling Doucette Not caring about other people’s opinions of my life.
Greg Miller Telling people to go #@$% themselves.
Brad Rice Voicing my opinion. Lol
Nancy Neu Enjoying life.
Megan Bridges Saying no.
Jennifer Roy Ignoring drama
Jason Lawler Pissing people off
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