A new poll finds online dating is no longer for the 'desperate.'

A few years back polls would show dating online as a sign of desperation. Now it's a respected way of finding love. A newly published Pew Poll finds 59% of internet users agree that online dating is a great way to meet people. Up from 44% compared to figures collected in 2005. Even with an increase in acceptance, only 10% of internet users have tried internet dating sites.

Match.com is the most popular of dating services, as it was in 2005. Second place was eHarmoney this year. Yahoo Personals was the second most popular dating site in 2005 but now no longer exists. Matter of fact, if you search for Yahoo Personals it takes you to Match.com.

Also found was 29% of respondents know someone who found love or married someone they met online, up from only 15% in 2005. 46% of those who said they use dating sites said they are on them searching for long-term relationships.

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