What's that whirring noise down there at the Harbor?

This past winter Mother Nature threw the pilings holding the stationary docks at Ellsworth Harbor Park and Marina for a beating, damaging 12 of the 25 so badly that they had to be replaced, at a cost of $80,000!

So, the City of Ellsworth is now on the cutting edge, after installing 17 commercial-grade motorized de-icers within the waters of the Union River, according to an article in the Bangor Daily News.

Officials are hoping that ice will not form within fifty-feet of the docks when the motors are churning, which is really cool.

The new de-icers cost a total of $15,000, and are a great investment in the future of the Harbor, where commercial fishing boats and pleasure crafts are always welcome and also good revenue generators for the City's bottom line.

We can't wait to sit there some afternoon and have lunch with the seagulls and watch these new contraptions in action!


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