What the heck is an esplanade?

Honestly, the "correct" definition is pretty cool, which is: a level, open space that separates a fortress from a town. And also something about a walkway by the ocean. I mean, I'd like to think of my house as a fortress, but there are no turrets, and no tiny windows to shoot arrows out of. I wish I'd thought of that before we bought the house.

But in the context we're talking about, it's that little strip of grass in front of your house between the sidewalk and the street. As the law reads, it's *technically* not your property, but according to a city ordinance in Bangor, it is your responsibility. Which means, you're responsible for mowing it.

Wait, I have to mow the city's grass?

Sort of. Likely, you've been doing it all along anyway without giving it a second thought. Otherwise, your front yard might look just a tad silly. But just like we reported to you earlier this summer, Bangor actually has quite a few laws concerning the upkeep of your lawn. Things like lawn height, etc. And the esplanade falls in this category.

According to WABI, there was one esplanade in Bangor that received so many complaints, the Director of Code Enforcement went on his own time and cut the grass on the offending esplanade. They don't say where in the WABI story, but from my super keen eyes, it looks like it was somewhere on Hammond Street, but I could be wrong.

So what's the punishment for my overgrown fortress protector?

Not much. In fact, it seems if you do nothing at all, eventually the code enforcement officer shows up and deals with it. But, in reality, they could take you to court, but would try everything in the world to prevent it. After all, it really is a lot of hoo-ha over tall grass at that point. But hey... neighbors gotta nay. And people love to complain.

So maybe instead, just mow your stupid esplanade.

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