Something so wrong caused a couple of people to do something so right.

This past Thursday, Jeff and Carla, a couple of solid waste employees working for the Nashua, New Hampshire, Public Works Department, came across this beautiful cat inside a plastic bag in a trash bin.

Just imagine the lowlife that did this.  Someone actually tossed a living and breathing life into the garbage, probably without a second thought. Amazing.

Luckily the distressed Calico kitty was still alive. Jeff and Carla took the cat from both the bag and the trash bin and then called the cops, who in turn had the local Animal Control officer stop by and pick it up, and then take it to the local Humane Society.

Now the Humane Society of Greater Nashua has about 26,000 followers on Facebook, and this kitty's story is now making the rounds via the media big time, so, we imagine that it won't be long before it has a loving forever home.  Here's hoping.

And as far as the person that "threw it away'....all we can say is, karma.

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