Not only does this puppy haul ass but it plays Foghat at full volume pretty good too!

Hey, we finally got rid of the 1982 Chevy Chevette, and picked up something pretty cool!  You'll see the new I-95 Ride at our live broadcasts and hosted concerts in the future!  Yeah, ridin' in style!

Yeah, we've had it up to, well let's just say well above the speed limit, and couldn't really tell if it was the speed that was shaking the vehicle or the speakers that were cranking out "Slow Ride!"

Our thanks to both Robb and Kayla at Caron Signs on Dave's Way off the Coldbrook Road in Hermon for getting it all dolled up for us!  Great job guys!

But, if you see us on the road, don't become too offended if we don't react when you're sitting right next to us at the stop light, blowing the horn and waving, because more than likely we've got the classic rock cranked up to full volume!

TSM photo
TSM photo

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