The newest Tradewinds Variety opened on Union St. in Bangor this week. The project, which saw the demolition of the old Tom T. convenience store, has been underway since early this spring.

Tradewinds Market Union St. Bangor Cori Skall

The new store boasts an expanded parking area, a deli, pizza and craft beer section. And according to one worker, will be stocked with quite a few local vendors, from baked goods to meats and cheeses. The new location will be open from 6AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday, and from 7AM to 8PM Sundays.

Tradewinds Market Union St. Bangor Cori Skall

While they're still putting the finishing touches on the sidewalks in front of the store, and some landscaping, patrons are welcome to go inside and take a look at the new space. While construction could have taken a year, based on City guidelines, the project seems to have finished ahead of pace. And from speaking to some of the surrounding neighbors, its a welcome addition to the area.

Not the only change on the block, earlier this summer the old Rite Aid across the street changed hands and also underwent a renovation, opening as a Wallgreens a few weeks later.

Simultaneous to those two projects along Union Street, Bangor Natural Gas is working on adding a pipeline up that side of the road, and the Bangor Water District is working to replace an aging water line in the same area.

Those who live in the vicinity say they can't wait for all the projects to finally be completed!