A new webcam that was recently installed on the City of Ellsworth's communications tower on Route 1A gives us an impressive view of the lights of Ellsworth at night and the mountains of Mount Desert Island off in the distance.

It also shows just how busy a road that Route 1A can be at times.

Jason Ingalls, the City's IT director, had a crew set up the new camera while they were installing a new communications antenna on the tower for the Ellsworth Fire Department to use. Ingalls sets up these web cameras across the city pretty much on his own personal time, and the cameras can be viewed at the City of Ellsworth, Maine on You Tube.

The vantage point is from the east side of Route 1A, just before the big white church and where the Red Bridge Road enters 1A from across the highway.  The camera shows the massive amount of traffic going both ways during rush hours, and just how heavily used the thoroughfare is that runs between Brewer and Ellsworth.

It's interesting to see the lights of the city off in the distance at night. Besides those of Myrick Street on the hill where Home Depot and Walmart are located, one can only assume that the lighted glare is produced by those lights also on High Street.  Blinking beacons from other communications towers can be seen to the right, as well a few of the lights atop windmills way off in the distance to the left of the screen.

One thing that we anxiously await is to view a passing thunderstorm off in the distance towards Ellsworth and MDI.  Bet it will be quite a show.

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