It's been a minute since you could stop into Odlin Road Dunkin.

For the last couple months, folks who needed a caffeine charge up in the Odlin Road area in Bangor had to find a different place to go. The thing is, if you're a Dunkin' lover, not much else will do. People's loyalty to the brand is a New England cornerstone. To the point when people say "let's get coffee", they're only talking about Dunkin'.

It's not as simple as running to the nearest convenience store. I imagine most folks during these trying times, have had to find a different spot to go to. There are gads of people that plan their commute to work around the nearest location. Folks travelling in from Hermon, Carmel, and Etna may jump up and down.

The location has been closed, and getting a facelift.

I can't remember off the top of my head if this location had already undergone the branding change. A while back, they decided to get away from the "Dunkin' Donuts" brand and just shorten it to Dunkin', which is the most people refer to it anyway. Pretty much the same reason Kentucky Fried Chicken switched to KFC, to modernize their branding, and move to something that sounds a bit healthier, I imagine.

But according to WABI, all those renovations are finished, and they are back in action. So if stopping at the intersection of Odlin Road and I-395 for Dunk's was your spot, you may once again get back to normal. Well, whatever normal is at that hour of the morning before you've had coffee...


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