If you have an upcoming drive through West Virginia, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota or Pennsylvania, you might want to make sure you’ve got $3,414 lying around. State Farm says that’s the damage a typical deer-car collision causes and those are the five states where you’re most likely to hit a deer in the next year.

November is the worst month for collisions, with October and December right behind. The odds of hitting a deer in West Virginia over the next 12 months are a staggering 1 in 41. The runners up:

  • Montana - 1 in 65
  • Iowa - 1 in 73
  • South Dakota - 1 in 75
  • Pennsylvania - 1 in 77

As of 2011 Maine ranked 29th  in the country for hits.  Our odd in that report are 1 in 207.  On that report we showed about 1,014,000 licensed drivers.

FYI: Nationwide, a typical driver has a 1 in 223 chance of hitting a deer in the next 12 months.

How To Steer Clear Of The Deer

These are some tips from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm on how to minimize your chances of colliding with a deer:

  • Remember deer generally travel in herds – If you see one entering the roadway you most likely may see another.
  • If the state puts up a deer crossing sign they mean it and you can trust that may deer frequent that road.
  • Early morning and evening hours are when most deer are on the move.
  • Keep you high beams up whenever possible to have a clear view of the roadside are a deer would be coming from.
  • If you cannot avoid the collision with the deer try to keep control of the vehicle, In other words don’t swerve.
  • Although a car-mounted deer whistles is a good precaution do not rely on them completely for your safety.

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