A co-worker of mine who is from out of state, loves to refer to Subarus as the 'Maine State Car'. I guess I can't entirely disagree, because you certainly see them everywhere you look. And sadly, a whole big bunch of them have been recalled because of their faulty Takata airbags.

You may remember, they're the ones that have come under super heavy fire the last few years with millions and millions of recalls for safety reasons. It's totally the same problem as the other Takata airbag recalls. It can impact either driver, or passenger side air bags, or even both.

The airbags can explode during a crash if they have been exposed to excessive, constant humidity. The explosion could spray shrapnel and cause serious injury, or even death. To date, 15 people have died here in the United States due to the faulty air bags, and some 250 have been injured.

Also affected by the recall is Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagon, according to WGME-TV13. The manufacturers will replace the faulty bags free of charge, as they begin getting replacement parts. Folks who own the vehicles in question will be notified when parts are available at their local dealers.


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